Look Up!

When problems and everything in our lives seems to be going against us, it is tempting to shut out everything.

Abraham is told that he will have a family that will outnumber the stars …yet he and Sarah have no children and they are very old.

Genesis 15

‘Look Up!’ GOD says. Stop looking at the apparent circumstance, stop evaluating what is happening now and trying to get it to fit in with what you think should be right. Look up! What do you see? Raising your gaze changes your perspective, it stops you focusing on the minute and expands your horizon.

GOD cares enough about the minute detail that He created the quarks, that make up the neutrons and protons, that in turn make up the atom. He has got it. I can trust Him with it. He sees more than the detail, He sees all of what needs to be in place for the detail to function.

The perspective that the enemy wants me to have is one of the small, the bits I don’t understand the parts that irritate and make me angry. He tries to draw my attention away from the massive and complete victory that I stand in. He cannot be trusted!!

GOD’s promise to Abraham was to have an eternal family, and He has done that. But from where Abraham stood, it might have felt like an impossible dream. Even in this section of the story I have to look up. Abraham had no way of knowing what the promise would look like. I can sit back and read on knowing that Abraham had nothing to worry about … hindsight is a wonderful thing eh?! But Abraham didn’t have this, he listened to this re-emphasised promise and trusted GOD.

It is just as well that Abraham was friends with a GOD that can, and loves to do the impossible. Abraham didn’t see the complete fulfillment of this promise, but he witnessed the beginning of it and through faith, knew that his GOD would accomplish all He had said He would.

Is there a perspective shift that you need today? Is GOD telling you to ‘Look up!’ and see the bigger picture?

Katy 😉


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