Look and Go!

Abraham had been with his extended family and they had been doing so well that they needed to separate. Lot, Abraham’s nephew takes what he thinks is best and Abraham lets him.

GOD knows Abraham’s heart. He sends him out and tells him to look all around, north, east, south and west. He tells his to go and walk the length and breadth of the land. Then He declares a further promise over Abraham, “I am giving it to you.”

Genesis 12-13

GOD is not stingy. He is incredibly generous. When we are in the right place, He is willing to give all that He has. He doesn’t withhold what is good and it is not in the nature of the Father to do so.

Genesis 13 (2)      Genesis 13

Sometimes when I see the favour of GOD on others, I am tempted to moan that I have been forgotten and the whisper begins that GOD won’t give to me. I expect I am not the only one who thinks this. It was, after all, the very first lie that humans listened to. Comparison is a killer! It kills my joy and relationship with others. It either says, “I am not good enough” (which is false humility) or “I am better”(which is pride). Can I encourage you to confront comparison and take the power out of it. Take those thoughts captive. This part of Abraham’s story can teach me that celebrating others ‘fortune’ can be beneficial to me. I can see the faithfulness of GOD and witness His goodness. Do I have enough? Yes, much more! Does my GOD ever withhold his best? No, He has given the one who was worth the most to Him, for me.

GOD doesn’t hold back, but His timing is different to mine. He sees the bigger picture. He sees the boundaries of my land. When He tells me to look and walk, I am pretty sure I will be amazed at the boundaries of the land that He has to given me. I know that He will give me the vision to see the land, and the muscles to walk in it, when He knows that I am ready.

When GOD says look and walk, I know that I look and walk in the knowledge that my Father has already given me everything I could possibly need and more. His banner over me is love.


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