A Majority

Two men hidden in a rocky crag

Watching their enemy and wondering

Could we take them?

Should we try?

Sometimes all it takes is for one friend to have your back

One friend to say “I am with you heart and soul!”

“Do all that’s in your heart”

“I’ll follow wherever you lead”

And so they made themselves visible

On the path between to cliffs

Bozez and Senah

And I wonder why the names matter?

One smooth and shiny and exposed

The other overgrown and shady

Perhaps not unlike the two young men

One a prince and the other his servant

One influential and the other unnamed

One with courage enough to lead

The other with courage enough to follow

“Two are better than one…

If either of them falls down

One can help the other up

Though one may be overpowered

Two can defend themselves

A cord of three strands is not quickly broken”

Three strands? I only count two

“Nothing can hinder God from saving

Whether by many or by few”

Oh I see.

You, me and God always make a majority

No matter how big the army we are facing

No matter how impossible the circumstances

The enemy spots them

“Come on then – we’ll show you a thing or two”

And so they climbed up

On their hands and feet

Just Jonathan and his armour-bearer

And the enemy fell before them

Then like a pebble dropped in a puddle

Causing every increasing ripples to spread out

Panic struck the whole army

Those in the camp and those in the field

Those in the outposts and those on raiding parties

And the earth quaked

The ground shock

The enemy trembled

And it became a very great panic

You and me in agreement

You and me having each other’s back

It is not a small thing!

Us and God is always a majority

Jesus said;

“If two of you agree on earth about anything

It will be done for them by my Father in heaven.

For where two or three are gathered in my name,

There am I among them.”

This is the consequence

Our “Amen” to another’s prayer

God shakes the ground and terrifies the enemy!

Sometimes I feel like a Jonathan

Sometimes I feel stupidly brave

Occasionally I have vision and faith

I have a God-inspired courage

But I still can’t do it alone

I need you my friend, to come with me

I need your encouragement

Your help to carry my burdens

To give me my weapons

To fight with me for my victory

To have my back

Other times I have the greater courage

Sometimes I have the courage to follow

I want to be your cheerleader

I want to push you up and drive you on

I want to shout Amen to your craziest prayers

I want to invest myself in your wildest dreams

You can’t do this without me

You need my encouragement

Come on friend – lets go and do something silly

Lets go and take on an army

Our enemy thinks we are outnumbered

Our enemy doesn’t realise what’s coming

You and Me and God are always a majority

Nothing can hinder God from saving

Even with just us few!


Thanks for reading.   Feel free to comment with your craziest prayers so that I can add my Amen.  Much love Rach x


4 thoughts on “A Majority

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