He Makes the Distinction

Have you ever done one of those personality tests. I have … my result was INFJ (Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, Judging). This test can cut up our personality and arrange every person on the planet into 16 different types … and yet we are all be very different people. It is interesting, even with this little test, that we can make distinctions about who we are and what tendencies we have towards situations and people. When I read the write up about INFJ’s I thought, ‘Yep! That’s me!’. If you know me, you might even laugh at some of the descriptions associated with it. The fact that it is only 1-3% of people’s types helps me understand why I feel out of place so much of the time. But there is abundantly more to me than that too. We all live with names that we label ourselves with, but I have been thinking about the fact that GOD doesn’t label me and would not want me to restrict myself with labels either. He does, however, make a distinction between me and world. He marks me as His.

This part in the Exodus story shows GOD marking out the people as His people. The whole of Egypt had been under the plagues sent by GOD. There had been the river of blood, frogs everywhere and horrid gnats that even the magicians in the palace said were as a result of the finger of GOD. As the next plague is about to come about, Moses goes to Pharaoh and tells him that there will now be a distinction between GOD’s people and the people of Egypt. The time had come when GOD would deal with them differently. The next plague would be one of swarms of flies … but they would not be found where the Israelites live. How? How do you prevent swarms of flies from going to a neighbouring place … well, GOD made a distinction!

When I drew this page I had a very clear picture of what had happened in this part of Exodus. Here is another scene from my book, The Days of Eliora. The angels are about to literally make a distinction! I hope you enjoy it.


I take an arrow from my quiver, and send it high into the sky.

Only moments pass before Release is at my side.

‘Are we ready?’

‘Yes. Are the host in place?’

As if in answer, a series of flashes of golden light highlight the path some distance behind.

We rush to join them.

There is nothing here to distinguish between the Egyptian territory and the land where the Creator’s people live, only a dusty track. But that is about to change.

Everyone is poised, shimmering in glorious golden light. Release stands far on my right at the edge as it sweeps away from the palace guiding those out of sight, another old friend, Liberty, does the same on my left.

I launch into the air, feeling the warming earthly wind against my face. Threads of gold, countless in number, stream from my feet, my hands, my hair, anchored deep into the ground. Each ribbon flows fine and straight until I reach the pinnacle above the very centre of the settlement. The host follow my lead with Release and Liberty reaching me first, while the others fly as if by chain reaction. The sight is graceful.

With a quick smile, I loop my friends and head back to the ground on the far side. My threads cross and bind themselves with others as I penetrate the ends into the ground.

I launch myself again, repeating the process, thickening the golden net. I hear the laughter of my fellows. There is such joy in this part of the plan.

After one more flight I am certain that the job is complete. I look closely at my work. The fine fibres vibrate as if with life. The filaments bound so closely together that air molecules cannot fit into the spaces between. Standing back, the dome rises into the air, higher and stronger than any other structure in this landscape. It is not made to glorify a man, not created to transport a life into another world, not a result of a lie. It has the texture of the finest woven cloth. It is a promise to protect, to set apart a people, a structure made to reveal the True One. A veil of glory, separating this people from their slave masters, a covering for a lost people.


GOD made a distinction between His people and their slave masters. He made a distinction between the rescued and the damned. He makes a distinction between life and death. The distinction is not made by us, by our works, by our righteousness or by anything we have. We are only bought inside that heavenly net when we trust in Him.

His distinction is strong and steadfast, it never fails and never leaves us unprotected. He will do it – that’s a promise! It can’t always be seen but is always there. When we live under that GOD given distinction we can also enjoy the benefits of being dealt with differently. His distinction or mark on our lives means that we do not get what we deserve but are dealt with in the way that only His children are dealt with. We are treated as sons and daughters of the Most High GOD and not as slaves.

Katy 😉

P.S. If you would like to read the beginning of the Days of Eliora, you can find the first three chapters here for free.



3 thoughts on “He Makes the Distinction

  1. So good to be chosen by Him and set apart for His divine purpose and calling. You told and illustrated this so well. Thank you.


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