I write books (… I think I might have mentioned that before!). One of my books is based in the first part of Exodus and is titled “The Days of Eliora”. The story follows a teenage girl in her discovery of who GOD has called her to be. She has difficulty in knowing that she is set apart by GOD but she cannot escape it. The live action in the novel, is interwoven with the spiritual realm.

Below is a quote from my book recounting the scene I have drawn in my Bible. Eliora doesn’t feature in this scene … but the narration is from the perspective of an angel. I hope you enjoy it. There are a few thoughts at the end of the post.


He saw the bush burning, but not being burnt. He turned from his path and drew near.

Flames of gold and brilliant white, colours that I see, seem to be apparent to him too. This man sees the presence of the Creator and is drawn in. What blessing to be in His presence and not be destroyed.

The voice of the Creator rings out, true and clear. He calls the man’s name and the man does not flee. Is he eager for the Lord? He has come to this place for an encounter and will not run even though I can see the fear pulsing from him, but it is right to be fearful. This is the Creator who is speaking to him. The ground about him shimmers in the holiness. His shoes must be removed.

The Creator is all in all. He tells this human that He is the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. He is not an Egyptian falsehood.

Moses hides his face. Other gods that he grew up with are nothing compared to this God. Moses knows a little of the exploits of this God, and the little he knows increases his awe.

The Creator states that He has seen, He has heard and He is aware. He is not a distant God. He cares for the human race in a way they do not understand and will never fully comprehend. He knows their suffering, He feels their pain and He hates the injustice.

He will deliver them. The Creator promises Moses that. Not only will He deliver, but He will provide. He wants His people to have their own land that flows with all they need. What a gift! What a place! Beautiful, lush, green. Rich, expansive, safe. The Creator promises the very best for His people.

‘The cry of the sons of Israel has come to Me.’ He has heard them. ‘I have seen the oppression.’ He has seen. ‘I will send you to Pharaoh so that you may bring My people, the sons of Israel, out of Egypt.’ He will deliver.

But Moses now fears wrongly. He fears for himself. ‘Who am I?’ He asks.

The Creator knows his fears. ‘Certainly, I will be with you. You will bring them here, to this mountain to worship.’

Moses knows that the people will know of many gods and will be living by their idols. He asks what the Creator’s name is so that he may tell them.

‘I AM WHO I AM.’ The Creator who has always existed and will do so, the creator and sustainer of all things, the perfection of righteousness, the only answer to life and the meaning of life itself. The one true God. What a name!


GOD did not come to Moses in an ordinary way. GOD did not listen to Moses’ fear. GOD did not belittle who He was. So what did He do?

GOD did speak out of the fire and flames – He is something other than any other false god Moses, or we have ever encountered before.  He is completely “other” than any god this world will ever create. He speaks out of the fire and flames that we are in. GOD did show that there is never reason to fear – He is with us. He calls us to worship Him not our fears. GOD did declare He is all we will ever need – nothing else will ever be fulfilling. The gap in our lives can only ever be filled with the one that created us. GOD did give an answer when we question ‘Who am I?’ – the answer can be found by seeing and knowing who He is.


P.S If you would like to have a read of the first three chapters of The Days of Eliora you can find them here for free.



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