Job Done!

I went into journaling Job with a little bit of apprehension. It isn’t a book that we often turn to for encouragement or uplifting verses. It is often avoided because of the dire suffering that Job went through. I have found that the book of Job has shown me that the journey through suffering is just as important as the extravagant blessing and relief at the end. This book is full of uplifting messages, encouraging verses and real characters.

I have enjoyed following Job’s story, the poetry and imagery of this book. It hasn’t been a chore but a joy to be in the pages. I have felt GOD speak to me so much as I read, drew and blogged. Just seeing all the pages in the gallery below makes my heart glad! I hope that you have enjoyed my posts and that they have encouraged you to look again at the book of Job with hope.

If you missed any, or just want to check them out, here is the link to all the posts from Job. They will come up in reverse order so if you want to start at the beginning you will need to click on the older posts button a couple of times.

Katy 😉


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