Time flies

I’ve only got a few minutes this morning to write a quick blog post because it’s the school holidays and I have offspring to entertain.  I love school holidays.  I genuinely enjoy spending time with my kids and look forward to being with them.  I’m grateful too for the break from routine and I know if we are not intentional with our time then the fortnight will be gone before we know it.  Having said that – the prospect of two weeks  with no time alone, the noise and mess generators in full effect and the lack of any sort of routine can be a little daunting – two weeks has the potential to feel like forever! It’s funny how our perception of time does this.  Time is constant – there are always 60 seconds in every minute and 60 minutes in every hour.  Every week has 7 days made of 24 hours each and we get 52 of them for each year but depending on our view point the passing of these moments can seem to drag or whizz by.  If you are happy or busy then time moves quickly.  If you are bored or miserable then the hands on the clock seem to slow to a virtual standstill.  There is also the way your memory plays tricks on you in regard to the passing of time – from the end of an endurance you look back and ask “where did the time go?”

I love how God speaks through the big picture, the biggest story, the standing back and being wowed by the context of history (HIStory!)  But I also love how He whispers in the tiniest little details. On today’s page just one verse jumped out at me as I read. This one;

“So Jacob served seven years for Rachel, and they seemed to him but a few days because of the love he had for her”. – Genesis 29:20

They say time flies when you’re having fun but apparently it’s love that is the key! When you love someone the waiting is worth every second. And in a season of waiting the key to winning is to love more! 


Talking of time flying – I had a notification from WordPress this week to say that has been a year since Katy and I started our blog.  I can’t quite believe it. Happy Bloggaversary to us!  What a joy it has been – I love all the things God has spoken to us through this process of journaling and writing.  And I love that you friends have shared in that adventure too.  Thanks so much for reading what we write and for all your support and encouragement. It means so much.  Here’s to the next 31,449,600 seconds. Much love Rach x


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