Matthew Matters

Matthew has proven to be an absolute treasure trove of gems. Although the stories in the gospels are familiar it has been good to dig a little deeper. Jesus’ life story showed love to the loveless, honour to the despised and gave power to the powerless. The parables he told weren’t just little tales to help with morality but were life instructions. His relationship with his disciples was played out in his actions as well as his words.

Here are my pages from Matthew …

This Bible journaling journey just continues to keep giving. I love seeing the confidence in my pages growing. They show me the conversations and time that I have had with GOD. One thing is certain, I have come to know Jesus better by journaling Matthew.

If you want to catch up with the blog post please use the link below for the list.

Blog posts from Matthew

Thank you for reading the blogs each week, I really hope that you have been enjoying them. The next book I will be journaling will be Job!

Katy 😉




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