You Shall Not Pass!

This is my penultimate page in Matthew. Jesus is tried, tortured and nailed to a cross … but I felt compelled to draw this scene from a film instead. Why? So, at this point in the blog, maybe it is time to make note that journaling may not be an illustrated story. The way I journal doesn’t tell the running story but shows me what GOD is saying. When I look at my pages I want to be reminded of what GOD was speaking to me about at the time. Hopefully, if you have viewed a few of our pages you will see that each page has different themes, style, artwork and message. GOD really does speak on each and every page.

Do you ever watch movies and see the gospel in them? I know that one of my favourites would be Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (“Your life is an occasion, rise to it!”). I don’t know if it was written with the gospel in mind but I can’t escape the nuggets of the story GOD has written over humanity in many films. It seems that GOD loves to speak to us wherever we are.

The Lord of the Rings is full of Biblical parallels and no wonder since Tolkien was a Christian and wanted to spread the gospel to the world … which he has! I loved the books and I mostly loved the films (I’m not that good when it comes to monsters – the Orcs freaked me out a little bit). But this movie of the book inspired this page.

Back to Matthew … everything was looking bleak for Jesus’ followers. It appeared that Jesus had lost. He had not destroyed the Roman Empire and had not been elevated to King. Despite what they had been told by Jesus, the disciples were devastated. The enemy had thought he had won; Jesus was on the cross having been humiliated, tortured and rejected. But this is the moment all history had been waiting for, as Jesus produces the most amazing victory.

Just like Galdalf, he stood on the pathway between us and death. He stands strong and confident on this narrow and high bridge. He takes his staff in his hand and thrusts it down with power. He declares in a loud voice to Death, ‘You shall not pass!’.  Jesus cried out ‘It is finished!’ not to state that he was about to die but to proclaim that the battle was over and he has won. He died as a perfect man and there was nothing to accuse him of.

And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit. Matthew 27:50


Of course, the story continues and it looks to be disastrous for Galdalf as he is taken into the depths of the mountain and for Jesus it looks like the end as he takes his final breath. A battle that can only have one outcome ensues and good destroys evil. You see, Jesus is not defeated. That unselfish, sacrificial and devoted act brings freedom and life to those who choose to stand on his side of the bridge. Jesus destroyed death and separation from GOD.

Jesus battled sin, death and the grave and was victorious. He invites us to stand on his side and in his victory. And now, in Gandalf’s words, he tells us to “Fly, you fools!” to GOD.

Katy 😉



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