Hosanna to the King!

It is nearly Christmas and here I am blogging about the events that run up to Easter! This is the section where the people want to make Jesus King of the Jews. Of course, Christmas is all about the coming of the King into the world. We even read and watch Nativity plays of the Magi coming to present this infant king with gifts that were befitting of who he is. Jesus is forever the King.

One thing I have learnt by journaling through a book in the Bible is that I have noticed connections in the text. In Matthew 20, the mother of two of the disciples asks about her sons’ positions when they enter the kingdom. She knows, to a certain extent, that Jesus is to be King, although her understanding was for the now, for the temporary. She wants her sons to be sat either side of Jesus. I had always thought, ‘What a cheek!’ But if you check out 19:28 Jesus had spoken to them about sitting on thrones with him. She was being bold enough to ask about what Jesus had spoken of … it is just that she didn’t have the right timing or understanding. The other disciples are indignant probably because they either wanted to ask first, or not be given the answer that they should become a servant.

Yet again we hear of Jesus’ kingship in the next chapter. Jesus gives incredibly specific instructions about collecting a donkey from the city – this encourages me to press in for specific words of knowledge. Jesus then enters the city as the King of the Jews. The people pull branches from the trees and the coats from their backs to line the ground for their saviour King to walk on. They call out that Jesus is the son of David – the great king. They are declaring and expecting him to reign much like David did. Of course, their version of salvation is not GOD’s. He had planned eternal and not temporary salvation.

All this talk of the King makes me think, what is a king? In the UK we have a monarch, but this monarchy has very little power these days. In Bible times a king was much more powerful. Being a king meant reigning with supreme authority, leading a nation and being responsible for the people. GOD was supposed to be the King of the Israelites but they rejected Him and wanted to be like all the other people around them, they wanted a human to take his place. So, Saul became their first king, then David.

If you are following the Christmas story in your Bible you can read about the fear that king Herod had when he learned that the real King had been born (Matthew 2:16). He was so fearful that his unmerited power would be stripped from him that he murdered all the babies in the region in the hope of killing this King. The coming of this real, ordained, prophesied and mighty King was a history changing moment.

The recognition of Jesus as King as he rides into Jerusalem on a donkey raises a question in me. What should I lay at the King’s feet? What things have I raised too high that need to be pulled down? What things am I wearing that should be under his authority? It is a good time of year to think about the things that should be left in GOD’s hands and the attitudes and beliefs about ourselves that we wear as our identity. Yet again, I find that I need to lay things at His feet. He doesn’t demand this of me, yet my heart responds in the same way as the people on that streets before my King. I may have already laid them at his feet before, but quickly picked them back up and worn them again not knowing who He really is. Now, in the light of seeing this true King with fresh eyes, I want to lay down these things before my King. I am so grateful that, as King, He has all authority.

What should you lay at the King’s feet?

Katy 😉



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