Advent adventure

I do love Christmas! The decorations, the yummy food, the many get-togethers with the people you love, the gift giving (and the gift receiving), the carols, the twinkly lights and all the celebrating with our funny old traditions. But my very favourite bit of it all – more than mince pies, even more than singing “joy to the world” is the advent countdown!

We are not really a regular “family devotions” sort of family. We have always read bible stories at bedtime since our girls were babies, and we pray for and with them often, but we don’t really do the sit-around-the-table-family-quiet-time-every-morning-sort-of-thing. It’s probably my fault. I don’t really do well speaking or being civil before about 10am so it works best for me, and everyone else, if I keep my words to an absolute minimum first thing. Anyway I digress. My point is that since our eldest was tiny we have made a special effort during advent. We wanted to make sure our kids (and indeed ourselves) didn’t get so distracted by the tinsel and presents and general business that we missed Jesus. We wanted all our excitement and anticipation to be focused on the amazing miracle of the gospel – that God so loved the world that He sent His only Son. There isn’t any amount of Amazon boxes or sprouts or even Father Christmas shenanigans that can compete with this utterly breathtaking truth! Jesus – the light of the world – stepped into the dark, broken, sin-sick and dying world to rescue you and me!

Apparently the word advent comes from the latin word “adventus” meaning arrival. It has to do with expecting the arrival of something or someone important – and in this case we are not talking about Santa! Amidst the crazy pace of life and the epic to-do list I find myself with at this time of year I want our family to keep our hearts fixed on the arrival of God’s son, our Saviour.  And not only the fact He came, as wonderful as that is, but to keep on welcoming and expecting Him in our lives everyday, as we look forward to His second advent!

Over the years we have used different books and calendars to help us keep fixed on what really matters and to help us dig deeper into this life changing story. I loved using Ann Voskamp’s beautiful book “Unwrapping the Greatest Gift” last year. Highly recommended if you have a few spare pennies.  We always love reading the bible with our children so most years we divide the story into 24 chunks that we can read together (at dinnertime – obviously not breakfast!).  I thought I would share it here in case any of you want to use it with your families, or just on your own (you can still have a calendar with little doors and chocolates as well if you like). Today I drew 24 colouring pictures for some of the young mums at our church so our kiddies can colour-in as we read, then we can then build a big picture with a bit of blue tack on the back of the door as we get nearer to Jesus’ birthday. I recommend using a proper bible (not just a story book one) and explaining words they don’t understand. You might like to use a simpler translation like the living bible. I hope some of you find this useful, and I hope all of you enjoy the anticipation and excitement of Jesus’ arrival and all that that means for us. “Let every heart prepare Him room!” Happy Advent friends. Love Rach . x

  1. John 1:1-13
  2. John 1:14-18
  3. Micah 5:2-5a
  4. Isaiah 7:14
  5. Isaiah 40:1-5
  6. Isaiah 9:6-7
  7. Luke 1:5-25
  8. Luke 1:26-38
  9. Luke 1:39-45
  10. Luke 1:46-55
  11. Luke 1:57-66
  12. Luke 1:67-79
  13. Matthew 1:18-25
  14. Luke 2:1-5
  15. Luke 2:6-7
  16. Luke 2:8-12
  17. Luke 2:13-15
  18. Luke 2:16-20
  19. Luke 2:22-35
  20. Luke 2:36-40
  21. Matthew 2:1-6
  22. Matthew 2:7-12
  23. Mattew 2:13-15
  24. John 3:16-21






6 thoughts on “Advent adventure

  1. Lovely ideas, as usual! Anyone know where I can get a Christian Advent colour & cut out book! I’ll read these verses with you, Felli’s, but not first thing in the morning!


  2. Hi! Can I be cheeky and ask you to email me your beautiful pictures too? Ever since I read your post a few days ago I’ve been scouring the world wide web for pictures to colour with my 3 but haven’t been very successful!


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