Have you ever read the ending of a book before the start?

So you know where it will end up and avoid the waiting part

You can do this with a story,  although some think it wrecks it

It will take away the thrill because you then expect it

But you can’t do this with real life – you don’t know what will be

The repercussions of our choice we simply can’t foresee

So here we see the couple make decisions at a tree

And the consequences of that choice handed down to you and me

What a difference just one page makes – and everything falls down

From Eden’s perfect beginning – now in sin they drown

And they chose to turn away from Him who loved them utterly

And they chose to go their own way instead of living truly free

And they chose to disobey the voice who spoke the world to life

Eve chose to listen to the snake and Adam to his wife

“You can be like God”- with this lie they were deceived

They were created in His image so there really was no need.

And at this tree the choice they made broke them and all creation

In came sin and pain and death and toil and much frustration

The choice they made it had a cost and planted like a seed

It took its root within their hearts and spread out like a weed.

But worse than that it broke the heart of The One who loved them dear

Who still in perfect light and love they could not now be near

I sometimes wonder would I too have made the choice they did?

Would I, tempted, have fallen too and from my Father hid?

But of course I know I would – I still make the wrong choice

I still forsake His friendship and don’t listen to His voice

To think I wouldn’t be the same is really quite naive

I am proud and selfish too just like my mother Eve

But this is not the story’s end and so we don’t despair

And if you do not know it yet I must make you aware

There is a second Adam and there is a second tree

And on this tree Jesus was nailed, chose death for you and me

And just as death reigned through one man we all must therefore die

How much more through Jesus’ grace will we be lifted high

For He catches those who are fallen and He breaks their fall

There is forgiveness and eternal life available to all

But still we get to make the choice, so what will it be?

As for me I choose to love the one who first loved me

The One who took the guilt and shame and sin that was my own

And died a death He did not deserve, and rose to heaven’s throne

The One who faced the hardest choice to bring us to The Father

He is my Saviour and my friend – My happy ever after!


Thanks for reading.  If you want more on this bit of the story have a look at Katy’s pages Where are you? and Mother of all the Living.  Have a great week.

Love Rach x




6 thoughts on “Falling

  1. I wish a rhyme would come right now
    To say how much this means to me
    But as you see, no couplet this
    So I think I’ll go and make a cup of tea!

    Love it!x


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