The day that I drew this page I had watched a tiny sparrow squeeze into a small hole in a roof space obviously caring for some young on their nest. I love it when GOD speaks. He was reminding me that I am valuable to Him no matter what the world says. Let me explain …

Sparrows were the cheapest (please excuse the pun) offering to buy. They were so inexpensive that you could purchase two for a penny and if you bought four, the fifth one would be free (Luke 12:6). It was one of those BOGOF offers of the day. They were and still are, common birds, yet it is with them in mind that Jesus illustrates his teaching. His Father cares for them, even the single one that is so worthless that it is given for free..

To others the sparrows are pretty worthless … let’s face it, we can feel like that too at times. Our lives can be monotonous and appear pointless, we can be treated with such little love and respect that this only reinforces our idea that we are without worth. But Jesus said GOD cares enough that He knows when one sparrow, who has so little worth to others, falls to the ground. At this point let us remember what GOD did to show that He cares for us. Since we are talking about common and familiar birds let’s take a look at a very familiar verse.

 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Because of the Father’s care for us, GOD gave His only Son. That was the price He paid for you. He paid the highest price that has ever been made. He doesn’t consider you to be worthless at all.

Jesus tells us not to be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. I think the warning to not be afraid is based on the way our hearts react to being pushed aside and being made to feel worthless. The action causes pain and our fear of experiencing the pain again makes us withdraw. Jesus instructs us to not voluntarily submit to that fear but instead to know the truth that you are cared for by a loving Father. This instruction to not be afraid comes directly after Jesus warns against those that kill the soul. Perhaps there is a link between a dead soul and not knowing your worth … just a thought.

So next time you start to feel like you have no worth or others make out you are worthless, remember this: you are worth more than many sparrows and your Father cares for them.

The missing section from this illustration says, ‘And even the very hairs on your head are numbered.’ If you have a full head of hair this may not feel as significant as those that may be a little more challenged in that area. But the fact remains that the detail of GOD’s care for you extends to the thing that you don’t think about much as well as the thing that bothers you the most.

Katy 😉



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