Legacy of praise

Hello,  I thought I’d do something a little different this week on the old blog.  I really enjoyed working my way through Joshua’s story – the great thing about working through a whole book of the bible is that you get to read things in context, and you get to discover some buried treasures in between the familiar stories that you might otherwise miss. But today, before I jump into my next book, I thought I would share this little page with you.

Earlier this year we had been meeting with a small group of friends from our church to sing and worship God together on a Monday night. There was no agenda – just to give some time and space to enjoy Him and to see what He would say or do.  One week someone decided it would be fun to bring some art supplies and for people to use paints and pens to express their worship as we sang together. Some people found this easier than others – but everyone had a go.  As soon as I sat down to draw God gave me a picture of a tower of champagne glasses (like you see at posh parties in movies).  As the wine is poured in to the top glass it overflows and spills into the glasses below, who in turn are filled until they cannot contain it and they pour over into the next layer. In my drawing the champagne was so abundant that it filled all the glasses and spilled across the table and over the edge and onto the floor!   I was so encouraged by this picture of God pouring into us so lavishly, so generously that we couldn’t contain all we had received and it had to overflow into those around us!

I wanted to record this picture in my bible – and so when I was reading one day and came across psalm 145 I thought I would draw it here. I love this chapter because it is a great big gush of praise – overflowing adoration spilling out of the psalmist who can not contain his love and excitement about the goodness of God.

“Great is the Lord, and most worthy of praise;  His greatness no one can fathom.  One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts.” Psalm 145:3-4

I’m so thankful for my church family who remind me with their songs, preaches, stories and lives about how good God is. And I am grateful to have parents and in-laws who have done this so faithfully. I am asking God to help me overflow with praise in such a way that my kids are filled up with stories of His goodness, faithfulness and glory. I pray that we as a family will be containers for Him to pour into, and full to overflowing with praise so that His goodness spills out on those we meet.  I’m praying for you who are reading this too – that He would pour out His Spirit on you today so that you are so full that you cannot contain it and His praise would pour out of you in love filled songs and words and actions.

Lastly for now, this morning as I was reading Psalm 145 before writing this blog I decided to have a little go at paraphrasing it.  Sometimes when I want to chew over a scripture and go a little deeper I find putting what I’ve read into my own words can be really helpful. If you’ve got a few minutes spare you might like to try it.

I will praise you God My King, always and forever!

You are so incredible I will never run out of things to worship you for 

Everyday my mouth will be full of thanks for all you’ve done 

Every night I will sing about how amazing you are

You are so great that I cannot get my head around it

You are beyond my comprehension

My parents told me about how wonderful you are

And I tell my kids about how you are dazzling, magnificent, King over all

I can’t stop thinking about all you have done

I shout about the miracles I’ve seen because they show me what you are like

I will sing for joy because you are so good and party in your grace

You Lord are so patient and kind, overflowing with grace and love

You are always good

You are very gentle with us

Creations sings your praise and we join in and worship too

We sing together about your beauty and strength. That you reign!

We sing loudly so that everyone can hear; the good news of your grace, the wonder of your powerful plan.

Nothing will ever stop your rule from extending

It will overflow from generation to generation

A legacy of goodness

You, O Lord, always do what you say you will do

You never break a promise

You pick us up when we fall

You carry us when we are hurting

You lift our heads when we are low

We look to you and you meet every need

You are generous and open-handed with blessing

God, you are always right and everything you do is for our good

You are very close to us when we cry to you

You hear us when we pray and you answer; rescuing and satisfying our souls

Your eyes are always on those who love you

You are on our side

You are victorious

You defeat the enemy 

I will never shut-up talking about, singing about, writing about how incredible you are

I hope everyone else will join in too, always


Thanks for reading – I hope you have found my ponderings an encouragement, and that my praise is contagious like a yawn. Have a good week  Love Rach x



6 thoughts on “Legacy of praise

  1. Just found this site today and I can’t get enough! I’m enjoying an extended quiet time with God. Love the Bible journaling art and all the writing!! How gifted you are, thanks so much for sharing.


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