Genesis … Only the Beginning!

Hello wonderful Draw Close followers and visitors! Firstly I want to thank all you lovely people out there in blog-world and the real world for your thoughtful and encouraging comments. You have no idea how appreciated your words are. It is a strange thing to send out thoughts and images … not knowing if it makes any difference. You continue to be amazing!

Genesis was a great book to journal and I wanted to put the images that I had created over the time altogether. It really is quite extraordinary to see them like this. What a journey it has been so far … so much truth, challenge and encouragement.

So, this is the end of Genesis. I have loved the process and I am already wondering what I would produce if I did Genesis again. No doubt it would be very different because I will be in a different season of my life and the Bible really is living with something to say on every page.

Genesis was a familiar book before, but I think that I have gained so much more just by reading and drawing in my Bible. I have loved the story and hope that you have too.

I would love to hear about or see some of your Bible art. If you are feeling brave, please send me a photo!

Please join me in Ruth next …

Katy 😉


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