Joshua’s Javelin

Just a little blog today as we’re camping and I’m writing on my phone, with my thumb.

Sometimes art journaling is elaborate and involves a lot of time and art supplies. Gesso prepped pages and acrylic paint accents and stamps and tabs and stickers and all manner of fun bits and bobs. Creativity is part of being made in the image of a creator! Other times though it can be as simple as a image and a pencil like this page. What matters most is spending time with Jesus and listening to His voice. I love it best of all when the stories come alive and are exactly what you need to hear in that place and time.


Joshua’s javelin was the key on today’s page for me. In Joshua chapter 8 the people of Israel carry on journeying through from repentance, to obedience and God gives them divine strategy for the battle. Amidst the plan God tells Joshua to point his javelin at the city. What struck me was the fact that he kept it pointed at the enemy until they had been completely defeated.

“But Joshua did not draw back his hand with which he stretched out the javelin until he had devoted all the inhabitants of Ai to destruction.” Joshua 8:26

I felt God speak to me through this funny little detail about not giving up in prayer but persisting until there is victory (not just improvement). I think if I had been Joshua my arm would have got tired and I’d have put it down while I made a cuppa, or I would have swung round and taken out someone’s eye 😜😂. Help me God to hold on and press in for complete victory!

Joshua’s city was destroyed. It was called Ai. The cities we face may have other names, perhaps a long term illness like cancer, or an area of temptation or fear, or maybe you are battling the city of unbelief for family members and asking for breakthrough in Salvation. Let’s not grow weary and loose heart friends, let’s keep persisting in prayer because in Jesus all God’s promises are yes and amen!

Thanks for taking the time to read. Have a wonderful week. Love Rach. X


4 thoughts on “Joshua’s Javelin

  1. Some people like to hold those wooden prayer crosses in their hands. I shall go and find a child’s javelin to hold to remind me of this.


  2. I’m not sure how you are able to get glimpses of my very life and minister to me in the appropriate hour but you have done it again.
    My arms are tired.
    I want to stab people’s eyes out with my javelin.
    Was just considering it a mere moment ago.
    Only by a fortuitous energy burst of obedience was I able not to.
    Persistence. Persistence. Persistence.
    What is breakthrough after all if there is no resistance?


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