Painting as Worship

Recently Rachel and I were asked to produce some artwork for Newday. This is a Christian festival that is held each year for young people ages 12-18. We took some time out to paint as an act of worship … and I hasten to add we really enjoyed it!

The artwork will be displayed in one of the gathering places named The Lounge. In this space there will be live music, seminars and a place just to sit with friends.

We painted the pictures on A3 sized canvases and based them on scriptures that were suggested (plus a few others!). This was such a privilege since the next generation of worship leaders, song writers, church planters and world changers would be sitting in this space learning about song writing and worship. We wanted to produce images that would inspire them to write for the next season – prophetic art.

Often worship is interpreted as singing, but whatever you do you should work at it with your heart, as working for the Lord (Col 2:23), it is an act of worship. Worship in the Old Testament was adorned with beautiful works of art created by the craftspeople of the time. The Tabernacle, the ark, the garments of the priests and the vessels were all created by skilled craftsmen – see Exodus 35. Maybe today, you could think about the gifts you have that you could offer to GOD in worship, you don’t have to be artistic, but you can be creative in the way that you use your gifts.

We haven’t included words to go with each image, but wanted to share with you what we produced.

Of course, if this is your first time on the blog, please head to the home page and check out our other posts of our Bible journaling journeys.

Katy and Rach x





4 thoughts on “Painting as Worship

  1. Sorry to say this, as I shouldn’t covet (!) but I envy your creativity, but I thank God for you two women. You touch my heart and soul with your drawings and paintings and with your words.

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