Riches, Wealth and Flourishing

Again!!! The Lord chose to bless His chosen people. GOD did not forget that Isaac was the heir of the promise.

The Lord blessed, caused him to become rich … and then his wealth continued to grow until he was very wealthy.

Genesis 26 (2)

GOD didn’t just supply riches for Isaac, but wealth. The riches grew and reproduced to become wealth. Being rich and being wealthy are not the same. If you are wealthy you are able to apply knowledge to make more of whatever it is (be it money, resources etc…). If you are wealthy, it is not the money that motives you but the dream, passion and purpose. The wealthy know how to get their resources to reproduce without them.

You see, Isaac planted crops in the land when there was a famine (Chapter 26:1) and in the same year he reaped one hundred fold (verse 12). It wasn’t because of any wisdom that Isaac had that made him want to plant seed, since common sense would have told him not to plant. He planted what he had because he knew that his family and extended family needed food.

The reason why he reaped was because the Lord blessed him. Isaac was blessed and made wealthy because of GOD.

Famine is a difficult place to live … but how encouraging to think of GOD being able and willing to cause wealth in the famine. When there is little, He loves to reproduce – you only need to read the feeding of the 4,000 and 5,000 to see that! I wonder how much seed Isaac had to start with and at the end?! He had a heavenly currency to trade with and that is how he had so many flocks and servants.

It is important to value and invest the resources that GOD has given to us, even if they are small. I’m not just thinking of actual money, but about skills and talents, time and abilities, knowledge and revelations. If I invest them in things that are temporary on earth I know that they will eventually waste away, but if I invest them in the Kingdom of GOD they will not get eaten by moths, rust or be stolen (Matthew 6:19)- they will grow and multiply to ‘one hundred times’. When something increases to that extent, there is no stopping it, it will just keep flowing! I don’t know about you, but I suspect that you would feel blessed if you could say that your ‘wealth continued to grow until you were very wealthy’.

I have said before that I write books. In years to come those pages will become yellow and crispy. The language will feel strange on someone’s tongue and even the story I tell may feel out of place. BUT I recently had a lovely friend deliberately read one of my books because I had been promoting them and she wanted to serve and love me. In doing so, she told me that my story had really done something for her. It had changed her understanding of who she was in GOD’s eyes and how He loved her. Now that is the type of reaping that I want to have. To be able to change perspectives! Wow! What an encouragement. I write to reveal what GOD has spoken to me about. What lives will be changed because I invested and planted time at my laptop?

Going back to the story, it is interesting that the enemies of GOD’s people, the Philistines, were envious and tried to stop what they thought was a source of Isaac’s wealth by filling in the wells. I think this is still a tactic of the enemy today. They thought that the water was instrumental in the wealth that Isaac had, they didn’t factor GOD’s hand on Isaac’s life. Isaac had to dig new wells in a place where GOD had made room for them to flourish. He could not use the old wells that his father had dug, he needed new ones.

This makes me wonder what wells have been filled in by an enemy that tries to stem the flow of GOD’s abundance… I wonder where new wells need to be dug… and I wonder where GOD will make room. But what I do know is that digging is necessary, it is no good just sitting back. GOD wants me and you to flourish.

Genesis 26 (1)

Just one last thought … I know that it says that the enemies envied and filled in the wells, but what about when we envy the wealth (be it money, favour, influence, career, lifestyle … insert what you like here!) of our friends? What is it that we do? Do we try to stop the flow of abundance to them because we, deep down, desire or think we deserve it instead? We are ‘filling in their wells’ with our dis-honouring hearts, actions and words. We are forcing them to move to another place where there is room for them. Ultimately, we miss out on witnessing what GOD can do for them, and maybe our faith then doesn’t rise for Him intervening for us. Imagine what the land would look like if all the wells were unstopped, that we knew that there was room for us all and that we celebrated what GOD chooses to bless. That land really would flow with milk and honey, it would be an incredible place to live and flourish.

Katy 😉


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