You are the GOD that sees me

What an interesting truth! GOD sees me …

Often I joke with my kids about the invisibility powers that I evidently have. I can be walking down the street and it is as if people do not see me. I get pushed out the way, shoved and stepped on; I am often thwaked with bags, coats and hair. It is quite funny, most of the time. Yet when I walk with my dog or holding the hand of my husband or youngest child, people move aside … what is all that about! Am I really invisible?!

Hagar had been used by both Sarah and Abraham. She was going to produce an heir for them, but now Sarah hates that her plan had worked and she chooses to reject her.Hagar had done what they had asked and required of her, yet she was pushed aside and badly treated. Abraham did not come to her rescue and he let his wife be so cruel that Hagar ran away.

The angel of the Lord found Hagar hiding. He knew who she was and what she was doing. He told her that the promise of a numerous inheritance belonged to her too.

Hagar names GOD ‘The one who sees me’. GOD spoke to her, gave her hope and a future, provided direction … yet it was the fact that she had seen GOD and that He had seen her that made the impact. Sometimes, just knowing that you are not alone and that GOD sees you is all you need to know.

Genesis 16 (2)

So let me tell you, GOD sees you!

I produced this page several months ago, in fact the posts are of pages I did near the beginning of the year. But it is so good to re-visit them again, remember what GOD had spoken to me about and ask again, “Is there anything else you would like to say to me?” In every post, so far, I have to say that He always says more.

Some of you may or may not know that I write fiction books. Recently I have been struggling with the thoughts that I am unseen in a vast sea of creativity. Does anyone really read what I write? Producing a book is often said to be like having a baby. It takes months of growing and nurturing before anyone even knows that it is on its way. Will anyone pick it up and experience what is held in the pages of this treasured thing that has taken so much time, effort and perseverance? I guess I can relate to Hagar. She feels overlooked and unimportant, she is pregnant (I am not pregnant but I am living with a 3/4 finished manuscript at the moment) and I have not been sure that I want to keep on going with it, I head back to the horrid and sticky comparison trap once again … But I know that GOD saw Hagar … and so I can be confident that He sees me. This is all I need to know to keep going.

In case any of you would like to check out my fiction books … they are here. I have also produced a colouring book.

On another note … I do have another thought on this story. I wonder if Sarah’s actions had been kind to her servant, despite the sin and shame she felt about not trusting GOD, if the words that the angel of the Lord had said over Ishmael would have been different. Would he have been a man whose hand wasn’t against everyone and lived in peace with his brothers?  It helps me understand that my sin can and does affect others, if I deal with that sin correctly, could I set others free too??


7 thoughts on “You are the GOD that sees me

  1. Love this post and so true. You are not unseen Katy. Your books are brilliant and have spoken to me so much. Lots of love xxxx


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