“I Will…”

Genesis 12

The call of Abraham (Abram in his earlier life) is foundational for understanding what GOD does with His people throughout the old testament.

I love that GOD declares and promises that He will do so much for His chosen one. He will make him into a great nation, He will bless him, He will make his name great. Even reading it back now, and taking it out of context, makes me think of Jesus!

It is only as a result of the incredible promises GOD pronounces, that Abraham will be able to fulfill his side; that he will be a blessing. Abraham doesn’t have to do anything, it is not up to him – it is all down to GOD. The commission to Abraham is to be a blessing by standing in, and living in the truth of what GOD had promised. Since GOD had promised it, could Abraham fail? NO!

GOD’s promise still stands for His people today. He has called many out of obscurity and put them into a His story. We may only be tiny parts, but what an epic story it is!

Abraham lived with this promise over his life and never really saw with his natural eyes what it could look like. He had to learn to lean on GOD and trust that He would accomplish what He had set out to do. Feels like a timely reminder to me … just because you cannot see the fulfillment of the promise does not mean it will not be fulfilled. Knowing Abraham’s story, and the extraordinary long wait that he and Sarah had to endure to see even the beginnings of the fulfillment is both encouraging and, lets face it, a bit frustrating. We live in a “now” culture. We rarely have to wait for anything in the affluent west; everything is at our fingertips. This sets us up for a lack in training in patience and endurance. Perhaps the promise that you have been waiting for requires a bit of both. Sorry!

We can be certain that GOD’s promise will be fulfilled. His words will not return empty but will be complete in His timing, when He knows we are ready. Now is the time to lean on GOD and trust that He will accomplish all He has promised.



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