Be Fruitful

Genesis 9

I am not good at remembering but I am glad GOD is!

Noah did not walk on dry ground for a year. He entered the ark 17th day of the second month of Noah’s 600th year (7:11), the earth was dry and GOD told Noah to come out in Noah’s 601st year, 27th day of the second month (8:13-14).

When Noah gets to finally walk on dry land, his first thought is to make an offering to GOD who had saved him (mark of a righteous man).

GOD smells the offering and promises to never destroy all living creatures, even though the human heart is inclined to evil.

Be fruitful!

GOD tells Noah to be fruitful several times. I am reminded that this comes after a year on a boat where Noah could do nothing but wait. It comes after everything former has been destroyed and everything is in its early formation stages. GOD’s plan was to continue to be with mankind and to give them a future. I am encouraged by GOD’s desire for me to be fruitful even in the things that have been shut up and dormant for a while.

When GOD says “Be fruitful!” it is a command and promise rolled into one. We cannot escape it nor can be fail to be so!

Our role is to be fruitful. Be fruitful in your workplace, in your family and in your school. Be fruitful in your use of time, language and gifts. Be fruitful where you go, in how you speak and how you love others! The list is endless.

The indisputable, creative word of God tells me that being fruitful will happen and will continue to happen for as long as the earth endures. He promises it to us.

But what kind of fruit will you bear? The promise still remains, no matter what choice you make.


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