So here we are then, writing a blog.  Feels rather grown up and important – like I must have something worth saying. When Katy and I published our first post on the “Draw Close Blog” a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me a fab cartoon.  It was a picture of a little guy sitting on a cloud sketching and next to him God (with his obvious choice of long gown and beard) sketching too.  It was captioned “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”. Very funny.  I’m not sure this is what James meant when he was writing to the 12 tribes scattered abroad. But it did make me smile because it has been my testimony over the last few months as I have sat to read my bible and used my creativity to hear God speak to me.  I have loved how it has given me a space to think about His living and active word and engage with it in a new way. I have definitely found Him coming close bringing fresh revelation and application even when I’ve been looking at very familiar passages.

It did also get me thinking about the word “draw”, so I looked it up. We use it in so many different ways but I think lots of them can apply to spending time with God.  Here are some definitions from the RPD (Rachel’s paraphrase dictionary).



  1. to choose names out of bag or container to win a prize (did you know that He chose you before the foundation of the world and had a plan for your today written in His book? You are hand picked!)
  2. something or someone that is attractive or interesting (there is no-one more beautiful or fascinating than our God – He is captivating.)
  3. an act of removing a gun from it’s holster or sword from it’s sheath (the word of God is the sword of the Spirit and by declaring and praying what we read we are waging war!)
  4. a game that ends with the score even (I’m no longer a looser because of my sin.  Jesus has settled my score and now I’m on His winning team – ha, sorry, stretching a little here)


  1. to produce a picture or diagram by making lines or marks with pencil on paper (I love that we are made in the image of The Ultimate Artist and not only that, but that we are His work of art created to do beautiful things!)
  2. to pull or move something in a specific direction (“I press on towards the goal for the prize of the upwards call of God in Christ Jesus” Phil 3:14)
  3. to extract;  like water from a well  (John 4:10), like money from a bank (Phil 4:19), like experience or talents (Mat 25:16), like air flow so that a fire can burn (Acts 2:1-4), like a deep breath (John 20:22). etc
  4. to attract or cause a response (I want my life to be like a Jesus magnet!)
  5. (of a sail) to be filled with wind (Spirit blow on and through).

So that was fun and a unique way to do a bible study!  I love how Jesus is The Word of God and He speaks all the time in so many ways, even through a dictionary page. Seriously though, when I sit down to draw in my bible I don’t just want to make marks on my page – I want to be pulled towards Him, captivated by His beauty, fighting with the truth, receiving my inheritance, drinking living water, breathing in and being filled with His Spirit so that I move forwards, but most of all to be near Him.

I can also tell you that in scrabble, without the help of any triple letter scores, that the word “DRAW” is worth 8 points!











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