Mother of all the Living

Genesis 3

Adam named his wife Eve because she would become the mother of all the living. Genesis 3:20.

We do not read of Eve having children before Adam declared this over her. Adam was responding to the promise that GOD had spoken in verse 16. I love that Adam realised that the serpent had told lies, but GOD could be trusted to speak truth. He believed GOD.

As a response to Satan’s deception, GOD told the snake that he would be crushed by Eve’s offspring … and he was. Jesus has crushed sin, death and the power of the enemy; he has the victory.

Through one woman, one lie was believed and one death was given … But through another woman, one truth was believed, one child was born and that one death was exchanged for eternal life.

GOD already had a rescue plan for the human race. It was centered in a small town in Israel with a woman that was rejected and despised by others.

We can quickly rush in and attack the stupidity of that first woman, but how often do we believe lies that are whispered to us? She knew that she had done wrong and tried to cover herself. But her version as not lasting. Despite what she did, Eve can still be a great example.She accepted the clothing that GOD made for her to cover her sin. The very first sacrifice to cover sin had been made.

After Eve had given her shame over to GOD and allowed Him to cover her, she did not look back but pressed on into the purpose that GOD had planned for her.

Question for today … Are you still looking back to some past sin or shame or are you allowing GOD to clothe you so that you can walk, head held high, into the purpose He has set before you?

(The small image I stuck into my Bible – “Mary Consoles Eve” Crayon and pencil by Sr. Grace Remington, OCSO. Copyright 2005, Sisters of the Mississippi Abbey)



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