Where are you?

So here I am on my second page … getting a little bit freer but not there yet. It still feels strange (and wrong) to be drawing in my Bible.

I am reminded that life began in a garden, rebelled in garden, died in a garden but was ultimately given in a garden. I love the full circle that the Bible gives. As a writer I like to tie up all the loose ends at the end of a story because I don’t want the reader to still have unanswered questions.

Genesis 2

The garden was the place where Adam and Eve walked and talked with GOD. It was place of friendship and connection. They were free to do almost anything, and the one thing that GOD had instructed them not to do, they were happy to obey.

GOD had given them a choice. It could only be an act of obedience because it was a choice. He had planted the whole garden. He had designed the rivers that flowed there, the landscape and atmosphere. Everything that grew there was good. He had stated that in chapter one … everything … including that tree. It was good that it grew in the middle of the garden. Adam and Eve were not frightened of it and I imagine that it was very beautiful.

But they were enticed away from friendship and obedience. The serpent (Devil) wanted them to question who they were. He suggests that GOD lied to them and was withholding things from them and it is all linked with that tree. He even calls into question their identity, saying that in order to be like GOD they must eat the fruit of that tree, when in reality, they were already like GOD because He made them in His image.

Of course they wanted to be like GOD; He was their best friend, but there was something that happened in their hearts the moment that they responded to the serpent’s words.

When GOD said “Where are you?”, He wasn’t asking where Adam and Eve were physically, He was asking about the state of their hearts. In their hearts as well as their actions they had turned away from Him. There wasn’t that heart connection there anymore. It was heart breaking.

It is so easy, and natural to turn away from GOD. We are proud creatures and seem to be drawn to independence and rebellion. But there is a choice. There is that tree that we can run to or there is the other tree that was cut up and formed into a cross.

What choice are you making? Where are you?




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